Institute of Finance and Trade Economics

Institute of Finance and Trade Economics (IFTE) of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) was founded in June 1978. Its predecessors were research groups on finance and commerce under the Institute of Economics, CASS. In the past 20 years, IFTE has developed into a comprehensive economic research institute where researches, education and consultancy are conducted in the fields of applied economics, such as public finance, banking system, external economic relations and trade, domestic trade, price, tourism and urban housing,informatization and E-ommerce, macroeconomics etc.
According to State Council regulations, the field of research in IFTE covers seven disciplines. They are public finance, international trade, industrial economics (economics of commerce) ,tourist economics, price, informatization and E-ommerce,macroeconomics . The first three are listed as priority in CASS and the research level is rather high in the country.
Since its establishment, IFTE has formed a tradition of integrating theory with practice, based its researches and studies on basic theories and focused on applied researches from a macro, strategic and forward-looking perspective. While contributing to the establishment of a system of theories on socialist market economy with Chinese characteristics and promoting China’s reform and opening-up, the Institute has produced a series of scientific research results of both national decision making and academic value and cultivated a number of world-famous scholars and experts in the relevant fields.

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